Types of Tokens Offered in ICO

ICO or Initial Coin Offerings gained popularity in 2017 and it’s a new way for businesses and projects to raise money. During ICO, tokens are offered as an investment platform (stock). There are three basic forms of investment tokens: 

1. Voting Tokens: Investors will have a say in business operations
2. Equity Tokens: Investors will obtain non-voting shares, just like traditional stocks
3. Dividend Tokens: Investors will obtain something comparable to corporate bonds

There are other token variants that can be offered during an ICO:

1. Loyalty Tokens: They are used to purchase services, such as airline miles and incentivized certain behaviors that business want to have. Investors can use loyalty tokens for referring friends to specific events and provide affiliate marketing services.

2. Discount Tokens: Discount tokens will allow the use of promo codes that are traceable

3. Membership Token: There are different sort of things that can be used for membership token. Blockchain hotel is one good example for the implementation of membership tokens.

4. Service Tokens: These tokens can be used on specific platforms and they can be easily traded. Ethereum is popular for its service tokens, known as Ether, that can be used to power various applications.

5. Preorder Tokens: Preorder tokens allow for reservation of new things and they can be purchased at any time.

There are many benefits that tokens can give to investors and ICO offerers. They are suitable for any project of varying size that looks for funding. If you lose interest on an ICO, tokens can be readily sold and buyer’s remorse can be kept minimal. Investment tokens can be seen as securities, when raising money from investors in the United States, you will be put under the purview of the SEC. Until the ecosystem is fully developed, every token always starts out as a security.

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