Regulations of STO and ICO in Asia

A report by PWC indicates that around 1134 STOs and ICOs were complete around the world in 2015 which is exactly the double as compared to 2017.

  • Singapore ICO Regulations

The monetary authority of Singapore has issue an upgrade to its guidelines to ICOs in November 2018. The general guidelines in relation to offers and issues of digital tokens are provided in it.

  • Philippines ICO Regulations

The final rules on ICOs were to release by the end of 2018, but has been postponed by the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission.

  • Indonesia ICO Regulations

At present, there are no clear regulations on ICOs in Indonesia.

  • Malaysia ICO Regulations

The ICO regulations framework is undergoing public consultation process.

  • Thailand ICO Regulations

The first ICO portal has been approved by Thai Securities and Exchange Commission. These portals act as conduits to help in the KYC processes.

  • China ICO Regulations

China states that both ICOs and STOs are illegal and has banned them.

  • India ICO Regulations

India has stated that they would be in favor of cryptocurrencies instead of banning them. But, at present no regulations of ICO has been made.

  • Japan ICO Regulations

A Japanese media has reported in 2018 that the Financial Service Agency have been working to introduce new regulations which can impact both the ICOs as well as the investment of Japanese citizens in general.

  • South Korea ICO Regulations

South Korea has banned domestic ICO in the year 2017, stating that ICO investments are a huge risk activity.

  • Hong Kong ICO Regulations

Hong Kong having an autonomous state has not completely banned ICOs as the rest of China. The ICOs are being regulated with the regulations to be tightened soon by the regulations in Hong Kong.

  • Taiwan ICO Regulations

The ICO regulations are schedule to be out by June 2019 by the Taiwan financial services commission.

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