Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

In Total Number 44+ Initial Exchange Offering (IEOs) are listed over our Website. Check IEO listed over our website below.

Airsave Travel (ASTC)
Cryptobuyer (XPT)
Matic (MATIC)
Grabity (GBT )
Newton (NEW)
Adab Solutions (ADAB)
Evedo (EVED)
Membrana (MBN)
GTEX Gaming Platform (GTEX)
XCon (XCON )
Bit Agro (AGRO)
VenusEnergy (VENUS)
Windhan Energy (WHN)
Spin Protocol (SPIN)
Menapay (MPAY)
TerraGreen (TGN)
Dos Network (DOS)
Blockcloud (BLOC)
Link by BlockMason (BLINK)
REDi (REDI token)
VeriBlock (VBK)
ZeroBank (ZB)
Celer Network (CELR)
Levolution (Levolution)
WeGen (WGC)
Linix (LNX)
Decimated (DIO)
Percival (XPV)
Verasity (VRA)
Fetch.AI (FET )
BitTorrent (BTT)
Aerum (XRM)
Rebglo (REB)
SID Token (SIDT)
Coin Analyst (COY)
Bread (BRD)
adToken (ADT)
xCrypt (XCT)
Bitstars (BST token)

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) , Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) & Security Token Offering (STO)
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