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What is Initial Coin Offering, ICO or Token?

ICOs or Initial Coin Offering is essentially a type of crowdfunding that emerges in an alternative financial system. This financing model has assisted many successful companies and projects. It is a cryptocurrency variant of crowdfunding, which is also among the most efficient and easiest ways for aspiring business owners to fund their projects. An ICO takes places for a specific period of time and people are encouraged to purchase tokens. In any ICO, there is usually a specific funding limit or goal. It means that each token has pre-designated price that won’t change during the period of ICO. Also, the supply of token is fixed. Although the supply of token is static, it is still appropriate for dynamic funding goals. The token distributions can be adjusted based on the received funds. In this case, the price of the token can be made higher, depending on the amount of funds needed. Read Full Article

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