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What is Initial Coin Offering, ICO or Token?

ICOs or Initial Coin Offering is essentially a type of crowdfunding that emerges in an alternative financial system. This financing model has assisted many successful companies and projects. It is a cryptocurrency variant of crowdfunding, which is also among the most efficient and easiest ways for aspiring business owners to fund their projects.

An ICO takes places for a specific period of time and people are encouraged to purchase tokens. In any ICO, there is usually a specific funding limit or goal. It means that each token has pre-designated price that won’t change during the period of ICO. Also, the supply of token is fixed. Although the supply of token is static, it is still appropriate for dynamic funding goals. The token distributions can be adjusted based on the received funds. In this case, the price of the token can be made higher, depending on the amount of funds needed. It is also possible to see ICO as an alternative form of initial public offering or IPO, with a crypto twist. One good advantage of ICO is that business owners don’t need to deal with any hoop to jump through and acquiring fund is easier to do. In a simpler term, ICO is a type of fundraising that allows companies to attract more investors who are looking to have a participation in the cryptocurrency business. There are concerns that ICO is just a shortcut to raise fund in a fast and easy way. Investors and business owners are able to bypass typical fundraising processes that are usually required by venture capitalists and banks. This can sound like a dicey proposition for many investors who seek to assure the safety of their funds. When choosing an ICO, it is important to make sure that the transactions don’t exempt typical security factors and the trading platforms itself is still based on specific regulatory frameworks designed to protect the integrity of the market and investors. It is important to be aware of the usual fraud signals that can harm typical investors. It is important to know that there’s no such thing as guarantee when it comes to high investment returns. You shouldn’t immediately trust people who say that you can receive huge return on your investment. Another common sign of fraudulent investment scheme is unsolicited sales pitch. It means that you don’t know the sender and you didn’t ask for the information about the so-called investment opportunity.
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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency platform that is decentralized and can be used for regular transactions. It is a proper alternative for standard currencies, such as US Dollars and Euro. Cryptocurrency is quite straightforward to understand. Cryptocurrency is backed by public ledger with records of previous and present ownership of the coin. When you make transactions, the ownership of the coin is transferred to the next person. The network will verify the transaction and new updates are added to the ledger. Blockchain is a platform that allows cryptocurrencies to become decentralized. Double-spending is a potential problem with cryptocurrency transactions, because digital information is easy to duplicate. Before blockchain, double spending is prevented by third parties. Blockchain hashes network timestamp transaction into chain of proof of work. Records can’t be changed with changing the proof of work. In essence, a block is a group of transaction data in the cryptocurrency network. The network uses proof of work or a piece of special information to verify the validity of blocks. Blockchain has a high level of security, because blocks are chained together with a hash function. Hackers would need to reproduce the whole chain of blocks if they want to modify the ledger.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a digital currency network that allows people to use Ether. Just like other cryptocurrencies, Ether isn’t issued or controlled by government or banks. Ethereum is also an open network and users can manage it. Compared to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Ether allows users to participate in a computational network. Users can do this by using smart contracts, which are code scripts that users can deploy in the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contracts are essentially a new technology, which allows for plenty of application. The value of Ether isn’t pegged or tied to any regular currency. It is more comparable to property or stocks. The value is determined by the level of transactions. If more people buy or sell Ethers, the price will increase. Users can track real time changes of values. Ethereum is traded for regular currencies, such as US Dollars, Yen and Euro. It’s also easy to trade Ethereum with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. The price of Ethereum fluctuates every day, depending on the demand for Ethereum. This also applies to property and stocks, which are determined by the cycle of supply and demand. As the result, the value of Ethereum is volatile, because it’s still a relatively emerging platform. Ethereum has plenty of similarity with Bitcoin network, so Bitcoin users can easily transition to Ethereum.

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