Present ICO Market is bigger than at the Start of 2017

CoinShedule is a Crypto Analytic website. According to data on this website, as of 13th February, the present Initial Coin Offering market or the ICO market is smaller than it was in the year 2018. However, it is larger than it was at the beginning of the year 2017.

According to the data on CoinShedule, in January $291.6 million have been raised through ICOs. $5.8 billion was raised in March last year. Whereas in April 2017, the amount raised was $8.8 million. Therefore the amount raised in is almost 19 times less than the amount raised in March last year. However, it is also nearly 72 percent more than the amount raised in April 2017.

According to the further data reported on the website, at present at least 63 Initial Coin Offerings are live and 18 more are coming up.

As noted on a recent Bloomberg report, though many ICOs used to be launched from the United States. However, the number of ICOs launched from other places are increasing from places like Switzerland. According to the article, 22 completed tokens sales were hosted by the US itself in Q1 2018. This is equivalent to about one fifth of the 113 sales globally during the period, while the rest of the world had 111.

According to a recent ICO bench report, the ICOs raised in Q4 2018 were 25 percent less than it did in Q3. However, the total amount of completed ICOs increased. Switzerland ranked second, after Singapore, in regard to the fund raised.

ICOs managed to raise around $160 million by mid-January 2019, which is about 33 percent of the combined amount raised in the previous month of December. As per the ICO bench, the number of Initial Coin Offering listings continued through the month of January.

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