How Can You List Your Token On The Exchange?

Cryptocurrency is one of the trending talks at the moment. When people have an ICO-funded blockchain business startup, it becomes really important for them to list their token on a popular and reputable exchange. Listing their token on such a platform increases their credibility and also improve the likelihood that their tokens will see a growth in value with more investors getting access to the token. It also helps the ICO-funded blockchain businesses to maintain a stable value for their token and gather funds.

When the tokens are up on the exchange, investors will be able to get access to it and trade on it as well. Therefore it prevents the token from depreciation and allows the business to grow. So here are the steps following which you can list your token on a reputable exchange.

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  • You will need to get in touch with these popular exchanges first. Some of the exchange have their own dedicated page which supports the tokens which have been submitted for consideration.
  • You can also contact any industry leader and ask them to act as advisors on how you can list the token in an exchange. Once the crypto coins have been submitted you will need to sit tight because evaluation and listing of the token take time.
  • Once the evaluation has been made, the final stage of listing the token requires you to pay a listing fee. This can range from $45,000 – $1,00,000 Bitcoin currency. Therefore make sure your startup can afford the listing fee which depends on how popular the exchange agency is.

So these are some important ways in which you can get your token listed on a popular exchange and grow your business.

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