Three Ways to Make Your ICO More Successful

The crypto sector has grown exponentially and it still offers a trove of huge financial opportunity. Through ICO, start-ups can raise funds, but the amount of competition can be quite high in some sectors. To succeed in ICO, project creators need to stand out and position their products prominently. Before an ICO, your marketing performance will determine whether you can achieve your fund-raising goal. To make your ICO more successful, here are three things to do:

  • Use Customer Data: You have a huge advantage, if you already collect customer data. They are useful for optimizing efforts. To keep your ICO relevant in the market, don’t hesitate to retarget your customers. When scrutinizing data, make sure that they are in full compliance with various investment laws. From the perspective of entrepreneurship, ICO is an excellent source of business capital. However, business owners need to be careful from whom they take the money from. Getting money from poorly targeted investors will cause dissatisfaction and irreparable reputation damage.
  • Build a Community: Project creators must establish a community that they can engage with through social media and other platforms. The community should allow you to interact with potential investors on a regular basis. You can give them latest updates about your company, products and services. You can provide answers to any of their question. You can attract more capital if the community is engaged and more active. It’s easy to build trust, if you often interact with potential investors. It’s a good idea to have a community manager who improves social media presence, regardless of the platforms. By having professionals who handle things, you will get better results. Without a working team, potential investors won’t get the necessary encouragement and information that allows them to make the right decision regarding to ICO.
  • Use Proper Marketing Materials: Without top notch marketing material, you can’t counter any misconception about ICO, such as decline in value, scams and fraudulent transactions. You can neutralize potential red flags that deter people from investing and participating in your ICO. Hire a passionate team who can construct marketing materials painstakingly. Differentiate yourself from scammers, who use generic marketing materials, while moving from one scam to another. From your press release to your website to regular email that you send to potential investors, any inconsistency and imperfection could affect the decision making process. For this reason, you should hire only the best individuals, so you can differentiate yourself from the competition. Your marketing strategy should be made clear, so your ICO will appear as trustworthy (Read: Four Ways to Make Your ICO More Trustworthy). In fact, you should show directly that you can’t be a scammer. You can do this by slowly improving your reputation, through competence and good conduct.

To ensure successful ICO, you need blockchain based platforms that provide secure transfer of digital assets and information. Any access by unauthorized parties represents significant risk to the success of your ICO. P2PS is known for its strong and secure network with solid records of transactions and faster processing.

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