The Importance of Websites and Social Media for ICO

In the last three years, there were thousands of ICO events that took place. There are different factors that influence the success of an ICO and some of them are more critical than the others. One of the essential factors is the popularity of the ICO’s website. When a website is ranked high, it will gain more traffic, which contributes to its popularity. Potential investors can pay closer attention to determine whether the project is potential or not.

ICO website may publish working documents, whitepapers and user agreements, which can provide potential investors with plenty of information. The more popular a website is, the more successful the ICO would be. A successful ICO can distribute up to 80 percent of their tokens through ICO. If the quality of the project is high, ICO managers can be more confident about the success of their ICO.

The success of an ICO comes down to the strength of the community. A cryptocurrency and ICO won’t mean a thing without their supporters. With little research, it’s easy to discover that ICOs are not equal. Other than with websites, ICO managers should also be active in social media. In the end, months before an ICO, managers and business owners should already establish a strong community that will respond well to offers.

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