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Yobit (YBC)

YoBitCoin is an innovative project powered by Blockchain and smart contracts which aims at making the online gambling and betting industry decentralized. The current statistics show a sharp rise in the global gambling and betting markets. The Industry has recorded a growth record of 9% CAGR over a span of seven years and is expanding three folds than the global GDP. Furthermore, Internet has diversified the reach of gambling which enable millions of people to play right sitting from their homes. Despite the impressive growth, betting and gambling industry is notorious for being unfair. The lack of transparency is the biggest reason behind the same. Moreover, some other issues have also plagued gambling industry such as high fees, low payouts, favoring house against the odds, poor RTP, hacked random number generators (RNGs) etc. In fact, as all the process is centralized and attached to bank, a user may lose out all his winnings and the bank blocks his account. The problems aren’t only limited to players but operators as well. Here Yobitcoin comes to play. The decentralization of the platform ensures transparency and multi-layer security cover. Adding feather to the hat, there is no intermediary involved in the complete process so a player is sure that his winnings will not be confiscated under any circumstances. The smart contracts over Ethereum platform help in impartial distribution of player winnings based upon the bets placed and the betting conditions. These smart contracts develop a bond of trust and credibility as all operations are between the operator and the player without any involvement of other party, YoBitcoin reduces the operational and transactional cost significantly which further aids in scalability and versatility of the business. Thus, giving it a global recognition and develop an ecosystem which comprises of casual betters to high currency betters, third party developers/ affiliates to betting agencies. Join us in the biggest and largest betting ecosystem ever, today!

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 1,400,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date 1-Aug-2018
Token Sale End Date 15-Oct-18
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Initial Coin Offering (ICO) , Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) & Security Token Offering (STO)
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