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Thermacoin (THERMA)

Thermacoin powers a content distribution network that allows Construction companies and their creative works collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a “blockchain”. These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of the construction company and creative clients themselves. Consumers can then access a global catalog of projects on a peer-to-peer network and pay owners directly using digital currency, based on their usages. Ease-of-use tools can be designed to allow a seamless experience for both mechanical construction companies and clients, and an open protocol will allow third-parties to build a rich Thermacoin ecosystem of value-added software and services. By providing a distributed and highly transparent platform that connects creative clients in the conception and production of projects (i.e. Chief Executive Officers, Directors, Hrs and Other Creative Workers) and Clients of American Construction Agency directly, Thermacoin Inc, through its Thermacoin, lays the groundwork for a new age in the Financing, Production; and Distribution of Mechanical Project in a way that is sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 10,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date 1-Oct-18
Token Sale End Date 1-Apr-19
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