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The team behind the LOL project already owns and runs international kindergartens, primary and second schools (www.wells.ac.th) , a business school (www.bsm.ac.th) for the past 20+ years, as well as most recently, added a French Government recognized and internationally accredited university (www.eiu.ac) to their already fascinating portfolio. We are redefining education with integrated Digital Learning Platform on our decentralized LOL ecosystem. Now is the time to secure a revenue share early in the future of education in development by the educationists themselves LOL ecosystem will empower everyone to gain world class education using blockchain technology with our immense experience & launch of MOOC++ with its Decentralized DIGITAL LEARNING MATERIALS marketplace for testing & certifications from European International University integrated with Digital Fingerprint Personality Testing.

Type Security
Price 1 LOL = 0.07 USD
Token For Sale
Platform Ethereum
Country France
Start Date: 15-Jun-19
End Date: 15-Aug-19
Website Open
Bitcoin Talk Open
Medium Open
Telegram Open
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