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DeMars (DMC)

Our objective is to make it possible to send less than $10 back home, at a cost of no more than 1%, in real time. Cross border payments between, too and from, countries on the African continent are the most expensive in the world. More people migrate within the African continent than from it. Often they don’t have enough money to send home as they can’t meet the minimum payment thresholds and fees set by money transfer operators. DéMars are solving this problem by building a network of Stellar anchors (issuing fiat collateralised stable coins) and simple, easy to use, Stellar wallet applications. Thereby enabling migrants to instantly send home cents. Because this money may be the difference between a family having a meal or not. We’re currently rolling out the network in South Africa and Zimbabwe, with a vision of connecting and integrating the entire African continent. From Cape Town to Cairo. Those with less deserve more.

Type Security
Price 1 DMC = 1 XLM
Token For Sale 10,00,00,000
Platform Ethereum
Country Seychelles
Start Date: 15-May-19
End Date: 30-Jun-19
Website Open
Bitcoin Talk Open
Medium Open
Telegram Open
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