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We provide a new kind of utility token – we call it CAK – Cash Account Key – enabling token-owners to use, rent or sell it. Sooloox will develop an Ethereum based platform which makes it possible for consumers to make money with their data – by selling leads. CAK owners participate in transactions on the platform. There will be no entrance barriers for new users. Sooloox token are no currency respectively lubricant of a new ecosystem. We believe in win-win situations for our users and the market – which means: – customers earn money with their data – companies get direct access to customers by lower costs – market barriers for vendors decrease because of direct and less expansive ways to purchasers – market supply for customers increase because of more variety and opportunities to get fitting offers – even for unspecified requests – CAK-owners can choose between long-term or short-term profits including a preemptive right for subsequent CAK offers – CAK-market potential is 3.6 billion – we provide 30 million which is less than 1% Our platform basis is an disruptive marketing and transaction model executed by our Interest Dimension and Transaction Box – we call it IDTX – which should be a better alternative than ad-publishing monopolies.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 30,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date Apr 16th 2018
Token Sale End Date Jun 30th 2019
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