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MDL Talent Hub (MDL)

The MDL Talent Hub platform has the promise of revamping the Gig music economy. The platform is based out of Russia and is built on the wave’s platform. Through consolidation of demand and supply, the platform will enhance efficiency and transparency while trading. The interactive blockchain platform will link dancer’s marketers and brands generating a global trust chain where performers will be linked to gigs with the brand to audiences. Today, the value of its token is 1 MDL=0.1 USD.With the use of the blockchain technology and other instruments, the MDL talent Hub will set an ecosystem for a global exposure of talent. Bookers through a global search can locate talents present the materials-talents to the clients. Talents that show high reputation will earn a discount from the MDL partner brands that will promote talents with the use of local opinion leaders. The system will bring hr. prosumer ecosystem marketplace, talents will exchange sell and buy in MDL platform.Fans that follow the stars will have an opportunity to purchase items. Users can benefit and purchase the MDL tokens through online platform. They can download the wallet purchase by using BIT, Ethereal, Dash and the Sky wave. Safety business relationship will be reinforced with the introduction of the MDL insurance cover. Individuals can purchase insurance with a discount. This will be a source of income to the MDL insurance Pool. Some of the instruments to be used in the process include the blockchain reputation module, the semantic Al search and dispute resolution platform.MDL Talent Hub is capable offacilitating the talent sourcing market.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 400,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date 3/24/2018
Token Sale End Date 9/25/2018
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