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• Site-wide Banner Above the Fold on and

• Site-wide banner inventory.  Various banners are placed on and

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• Crypto linked up with listing page on and Symbol Stream Page on

• Promotion of ICO Listing Page and Symbol Stream Page over social media accounts including publishing of at least 4 Facebook and 4 Twitter Posts.

• Press release gets published over and linked back from the listing page and symbol stream page.

• ICO Vote Up applied within Vote UP / Vote Down widget on ICO listing page at ‘BUY’ Sentiment placed on the specific crypto at

• At least 5 posts on the crypto at Extra features & information on the crypto added into the listing page at

• Publishing of 2 Blogposts on (and linking to ICO listing page and symbol stream as a sponsored post). Blogposts shared at various Crypto Groups on  Facebook & Telegram.

• An alert sent to crypto newsletter subscribers at,, and

• ICO shared with various other Crypto Investor Networks.

• Duration of campaign: 7-days

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