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Gigzi (GZB)

Gigzi is a set of interconnected digital applications and services enabling users to manage their wealth. The ecosystem is supported by three core applications: a Wallet, an Exchange and a Treasury. These applications use state-of-the-art technology to provide the necessary tools a comprehensive financial system requires. Gigzi gives users access to unique and complementary crypto-assets – Gigzi Black (GZB) and Gigzi Metal (GZP, GZG and GZS). Gigzi Black (GZB) is backed by market confidence and the potential for rewards, whereas Gigzi Metal (GZP, GZG and GZS) is stable and secure as it is pegged to the price of precious metals.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 80,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date 21-Sep-18
Token Sale End Date 21-Nov-18
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