Four Future Trends of Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO has become a common term for concentrating and distributing crypto-currency for business purpose. However, there are new trends that we will soon see in the future:

1. Security Token Offering (STO): STO is a fully regulated form of ICO, which has received a blessing from SEC. Reg D STO is open to only institutional investors. Reg S is STO is held in countries inside the United States. Companies often seek to get Reg A+ STO, which allows retail investors to participate.

2. Interactive Initial Coin Offering (IICO): The concept of IICO was proposed by Vitalik Buterin and it is aimed to become an ICO model that’s fairer to everyone. In normal ICOs, whales can grab nearly all tokens in minutes, causing gas wars and FOMO. This situation will squeeze out average investors from the transaction. An investor may spend more than $20,000 just get to the front of the queue during a transaction. In IICO, contributors will specify the maximum cap and if it is surpassed, ether will be returned. The goal is to make sure that everyone gets the chance to purchase tokens at a fair price.

3. Initial Supply Auction: Initial Supply Auction is based on descending price auction. It means, prices initially start high and they will incrementally tick down until they reach low price floor. Investors will pay only when the price is considered to be fair. Dutch auction may also be implemented and winning bids aren’t revealed until the completion of sales.

4. Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT): SAFT is a way to overcome risks during crowdfunding. Investors will contribute fund when they are sure that they will receive the token and the token is fully usable. This will increase the level of trust among investors and companies will get capitals that they need.

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