Edit or Delete Your ICO

Editing Your ICO / Token Listing is Easy

Edit Listing in 3 Steps:

  1. Pay a small fees of USD $300 USD $100 over our PayPal over ico@icoscoming.com
  2. Send us PayPal transaction ID along with edits you like to do over ico@icoscoming.com
  3. Our editorial team make changes in your listing within 24 working hours and send you final listing for review.

    Benefits of Paid Edits:

    • Listing get updated within 24 hours time.
    • We share your listing over our social media accounts (Twitter / Facebook).
    • Unlimited edits allowed.
    • Share your ICO over various media partners.

Don’t Want to Pay for Edits:
In that case simply forward us details you like to edit and we add your ICO in queue which get updated in our database very soon.

Featured Listings:
We are promoting many ICO’s and you can add more info + showcase your ICO as a Featured ICO over our website. Please review various packages: https://www.icoscoming.com/ico-listing-packages

Deleting Your ICO

Deleting Your ICO / Token Listing is Easy

Simply forward us an email over ico@icoscoming.com from your company email id and we delete your ICO from our database within 24 hours time.

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