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eCoinomic (CNC) service: FIAT LOANS AGAINST CRYPTO ASSETS COLLATERAL product is of the highest demand: the total volume of the cryptocurrency market is estimated at 300 billion dollars. Moreover, the volume of monthly loan requirement is estimated to be more than 6 billion dollars. “Get the money — keep your investment!” is a team vision of the ecosystem and a marketing formulation of the service. The smart contract, as the essential part of the platform, enforces the fulfillment of the loan agreement and monitors the current rates on the exchanges. About us write 100+ media mentions such as Forbes, De Center, Coinspeaker etc.We obtained a legal opinion for European Union and Korea from KPMG, JIPYONG and other reputable law firms. CNC token was acknowledged to be the utility token. CNC token is a utility token, which is used to pay commissions for loan contracts. The life cycle of the CNC token implies a gradual reduction of the overall number of tokens in circulation, which never goes down to zero. All tokens that have not been sold during the ICO are to be destroyed. All platform commissions are indicated in USD but are accepted only in the form of tokens All the tokens once accepted as a commission payment are blocked for a period of five years. These principles lead to the constant increase in the value of CNC, whereas token divisibility allows payments with its hundredth or thousandth parts. The team of more than 80 highly qualified experts creates a global network that lends fiat money to individuals and small businesses using crypto assets as a collateral. Thus, there is no necessity any more to sell crypto assets to get money. project got the operating licenses from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia: -Operating license FVR000181: Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency -Operating license FRK000150: Providing a virtual currency wallet service Highest score at ratings ??The best experts of TOP ICO Ratings evaluated ICO with highest rate! To purchase CNC tokens on, you just need to have a bank card of the VISA or Mastercard payment system. The service is provided by the European partner bank of in compliance with all the modern requirements for payment security.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 1,550,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date 1-May-2018
Token Sale End Date 1-Nov-18
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