CryptoMarketAds: A Revolutionary Approach to Online Marketplaces

The advent of the blockchain technology and the subsequent emergence of cryptocurrencies has shown that the digital world is ready for another evolution, the likes of which was last seen with the birth of the world wide web in the 90s. However, as with any new technology, a lack of standardization in the mushrooming crypto space gave rise to a lot of scams and fraudulent practices, thereby adversely impacting the success rate of new crypto-related projects and industry-wide adoption of the technology as a whole. Consequently, many corporations ended up banning advertisements related to crypto projects on their networks.

CMA – CryptoMarketAds – is a revolutionary approach to crypto marketing and online marketplace experiences. It had taken the core essence of the Blockchain technology to build a “democratic and decentralized Crypto ads and marketing marketplace.” In simple terms, it is a one-stop platform for crypto projects and project owners; bounty hunters, market influencers and publishers are bought together under a single roof to provide unprecedented services to crypto projects.

CMA provides investors and businesses a unique opportunity to jumpstart their crypto projects in a safe, and risk-free environment.

What is the CMA Project?

At its core, CryptoMarketAds is an advertising platform that allows businesses to promote their crypto-based projects and acquire the services of industry professionals to make their projects successful. It brings together crypto publishers, bounty hunters, influencers and enthusiasts under a single platform to provide crypto services to project owners in a risk-free environment.

In essence, CMA is a marketplace where service providers and industry professionals can offer their services and expertise to crypto projects and ICOs looking to become successful. It will be backed by a blockchain. The marketplace uses CMA tokens as the primary form of value and asset transfer. These CMA tokens are to be made available at all major cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

CryptoMarketAds isn’t just a marketplace, however. The team behind the project envisions it to become a world-leading one-stop-shop for everything a crypto project might need.

CMA Products

The CryptoMarketAds project aims to develop a custom new blockchain (Internet of Goods and Services), and in addition to the crypto marketing and advertising marketplace and new blockchain, two further products are to be offered.

– Decentralized Visual Drag & Drop Marketplace Builder: The CMA Marketplace Builder is a powerful tool that will allow anyone to develop their own blockchain-based marketplaces, serve any type of audience and enable crypto-based transactions. This will revolutionize the way people operate in a crypto world.

– ICO Platform for marketplaces: The CMA team is also hard at work developing an ICO Platform for marketplace fundraising. New marketplaces will be able to use the platform to raise funds.

A business-centric approach to crypto

CryptoMarketAds is creating value for other crypto-related projects in the online world. Whether you are a crypto enthusiast, a crypto startup owner or part of a large organization making a move towards the blockchain, CryptoMarketAds is there to help.

With the ICO platform, businesses and project owners will be able to raise funds for their next big ideas. The CMA decentralized marketplace builder will help set up a live blockchain-based ecosystem which can facilitate asset and value transfer. But the most critical aspect is perhaps the advertising and marketing a project needs to becomes successful. Crypto project owners can use the CMA Marketplace to buy crypto-related products and services.

The team behind CryptoMarketAds

CryptoMarketAds is backed up a team of professionals with extensive and diverse portfolios, combining their experience in areas such as IT, Design, Human Resource, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Business & Product Development, and more.

The team was co-founded and is currently being run by CEO Olegs Martinuks, COO Artis Romanovskis, CTO Artur Babyuk and CDO Artis Lutkovskis. Together, they bring many decades of collective experience to make CryptoMarketAds a success.

What we have achieved so far

The CryptoMarketAds Marketplace is scheduled to be launched in just over two weeks, with the Beta already open for testing. The CMA project recently received the second-highest A1 rating by ICOTOP, placing it among the top 3 upcoming premium ICO projects. Having made its rounds on the Bitcointalk forums, the project has received very positive reviews and holds all the promise of being one of the best ICOs of 2019.

Furthermore, prior to its launch the CMA marketplace is already seeing service providers putting up their offers on the platform. Such a marketplace holds immense value for crypto service providers, especially since there is no other service that offers such a platform. Businesses that register with CMA before the ICO sale will get great discounts, along with various benefits.

The CMA bounty campaign will be launched soon as well. Once the marketplace starts to see some flow, the CMA team has lined up new blockchain, decentralized marketplace builder and ICO fundraising platform for launch.

Final thoughts

CMA has already shown promise as one of the best ICOs of 2019. Business owners working in the crypto domain have a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor. The CryptoMarketAds Online Marketplace, along with a new blockchain for goods and services, a Decentralized Marketplace Builder and ICO Fundraising Platform promises to be the future for startup crypto projects and ICOs. The entire CMA ecosystem would serve as a central, but decentralized, hub for everything a new crypto project might need, from fundraising and a strong e-commerce store backend all the way up to marketing services required by the project, such as advertising on publisher platforms, setting up bounty campaigns and seeking professional advisory services.

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