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Formed in 2017 and located in London, United Kingdom, CredibleToken is a decentralized platform for establishing and maintaining mobile device credibility. With the aim of allowing organisations and the community to contribute to and consume trust scores as part of authorizing interactions from smart phone devices, our blockchain based solution will assist to reduce the widespread problem suffered by many organisations: “Do I trust the device that is performing this operation?” Existing market offerings for trust-based device scoring follow the traditional route of data centralization with a strictly controlled gateway system as the only means of access. The proprietary and non-transparent nature of the scoring mechanisms and algorithms used by existing services to create trust levels requires the consumer to put an amount of blind faith in the service provider. We propose to disrupt this market by offering a decentralized mechanism available to all mobile software developers, and organisations. Trust will be earned overtime by approving positive actions from a device, which are worthy of increasing the credibility score.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 250,000,000
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Token Sale Start Date TBA
Token Sale End Date TBA
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