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About CPACoin Digital Marketing is the strategy that links a number of communities, businesses and services, and this is precisely the scenario for CPAcoin. Our project lies in innovating the payment system within digital marketing through the CPA Ecosystem, which allows from acquisition and storage to exchange and monetization. Our users do not have to go to another place, CPA with all the necessary tools. CPAlandia is the first operational entertainment portal for CPAcoin, we have our APPS brand of games and dedicated and innovative content that allows the growth of the community. Our content will be linked with PTC / CPA and other reward models of Digital Marketing. We also have adequate alliances and years of experience in Marketing, as in the Blockchain technology. Our team works in the constitution of CPAOficinas Internacionales where we offer customer service, technical support, advertising contexts and 24/7 supervision of CPAEX, functional exchange and competence. We know the importance of monetization, because it also carries out the operation of ATMs that allow users to convert CPA in their local currency. CPA seeks to position itself as a key player in digital marketing, which is why we have a broad, defined vision with unlimited possibilities.

Type Token
Website Open
Total Supply 75,000,000
Whitepaper View
Bitcoin Talk Open
Token Sale Start Date October 16, 2018
Token Sale End Date December 31, 2018
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