With the development of modern technology, we have become dependent on the internet. Moreover, the online shopping sites and few websites are giving exciting offers to their customers. Different banks are also providing discounts on using their cards. You just have to be sure whether the product you are getting is genuine or not.

Amazon is considered as the most significant online store in the world. They have more than 310 million customers, and their annual revenue is near about 136 billion dollars. Though, this site faces various problems because of some fake reviews as you know fake reviews always damage a site. They are giving sale on nearly 598 million products, but the review issue is becoming a hindrance for them to grow the business.

Mainly three groups are getting disturbed by this matter. Sellers are facing a significant loss because of the negative comments and reviews of the products which are not correct. Few positive reviews about the wrong product are confusing the customers. Sometimes they are getting harassed by those fake comments. Zapit is trying to complete the gap between the sellers and the customers by providing a safe place where you can trust the reviews about the product of your choice.

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Token Sale Start DateJan 30th 2018 14:17
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