Lydian (PreICO)

LydianCoin (LDN) is a utility-token that allows cryptocurrency-enabled purchasing of targeted, A.I. driven digital marketing and advertising services operated and under development by the Gravity4 Corporate Family. Gravity4, Inc. is the direct or indirect parent of approximately 43 subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Bermuda, Sweden, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australian, Mexico, the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, Singapore, Jersey, China, Malaysia, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Colombia (Gravity4, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, the “Gravity4 Corporate Family”).

Project TypeToken
Website Open
CategoryBusiness services
Total Supply20,000,000
Token Sale Start DateOct 30th 2017 00:00
Token Sale End DateJan 29th 2018 00:00
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