Dibbs Token

This is from the next generation of cryptocurrency and is built to represent real-world assets, much like a traditional ‘stock’ or ‘share’, but with some very attractive features that make this a far superior alternative from traditional financial instruments. Dibbs tokens are pioneering the trading platforms by creating a method that can be used to calculate market capitalization that is backed by a buyback guarantee. This is a low-risk opportunity with very large earning potential and tokens holders will be rewarded with new altcoins from upcoming ICOs from clients using the Dibbs platform. This is one of the best cryptocurrencies ever established and was made to be a strong investment right away. We are utilizing less than half the funds collected for company expenses, while over 55% of the funds are put directly into creating a strong and valuable token. We want the initial market value to be able to earn investors double their investments in less than 6 months. This is a revolution in the way that companies raise money by selling securities. We have finally been able to provide a solution to the ICO model that can be so easily used to market worthless tokens. This is how we can keep the market filled with responsible and genuine opportunities without any regulatory authority need to establish the trust. Harnessing blockchain technology allows for this type of token design so that we may see the best investments all on decentralized exchanges that are open to the world so anyone can participate.
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